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Angelo’s Italian Bakery & Market, located in London, Ontario, Canada, is a cafe, market & bakery with an atmosphere of class and sophistication and the feel of a worldly gourmet experience. Angelo's Market is dedicated to showcasing some of the finest delicacies the world has to offer; they promise to excite your senses with the sights, tastes and aromas that is exclusive to their market. What can you expect at Angelo's? A quality assortment of fresh, handmade buns, breads, muffins, cakes, scones, pastries, cookies and many more irresistible treats. You'll find the finest in imported goods, as well as local. Fresh produce, groceries, deli and cheese. The best selection of prepared foods within London, such as Cabbage Rolls, Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Deluxe Lasagna, Pot Pie and more! A cafe, coffee and pasta bar serves up a quick bite for breakfast and lunch, and a convenient spot for you to relax and meet up with friends; Gourmet breakfast plates, Canadian bagels and waffles for breakfast; Made to order pasta, pizza, homemade soup, garden fresh salads and deli sandwiches for lunch - and more! Angelo’s catering and custom designed wedding cakes offers an exciting and personal touch to any celebration, event or holiday. Finally, one of the best ways to experience Angelo's without actually traveling there, is through their custom-designed gift baskets. Each basket is designed to reflect the personal taste of even the most particular food lover. From coffees to imported cheeses, chocolates and specialty food delicacies, Angelo’s has the ingredients for any inspired gift.

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