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  1. Gateway Meat Market, 667 Main Street, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

Becky Cummings

Me again. I do not want to knock any of the other stores but when I check the fliers, all of them.I just have to say Gateway is the best. It is so organized and clean with the best prices anywhere..There prices are fantastic staff is great but a few say as soon as I get in the door , OMG look who is here. I ama customer they can,t get rid of me,folks I tell no lies this is the best store for prices, cleaniness.

Becky Cummings

Ok folks been away for a few months. Since we have been trying to stay away from that deadly virus. Each week as I mentioned I go through every flyer. I again am astonished each week with all the different prices. I have not been in Sobeys for months and months. I go to Superstore if Gateway does not have what I need. Any other grocery stores I stay away from. The people who shop at these stores are obvious about the difference in prices.We are not rich and I like quality and that is what I get at Gateway along with fantastic prices, spotless, quality products, staff are fantastic, so now you know why I stay away from the others.On my way to Gateway we look at the other stores and shake out head, at least we see the cars of people shopping there. Must be great to have lots of money and shop anywhere they want. If they went to Gateway and saw the difference in everything that were much cheaper. Better prices. So folks that have lots of money go see meats, produce, grocery, Everything is better at Gateway. Keep up the good everything. You all are doing a great job.